From homes to commercial kitchens and food processing

Today’s consumer insists on full functionality wrapped in effortless appeal when it comes to appliances. Stainless steel delivers durable, timeless perfection with its corrosion-resistance, simple cleaning, strength, and formability.
The appliance industry is evolving rapidly. Outokumpu matches the pace by providing stainless steel designed for exceptional performance, quality and dependability from day one to the next, year after year. Through continuous innovation, we help our customers to meet the demands of rapid production cycles in the fast evolving industry.

Working closely with customers, our expertise in material behavior and production techniques is complemented by a deep understanding of the appliance industry and its requirements. Tailored solutions, customized packaging and logistics: We work relentlessly for a partnership and material you can rely on.

Committed to a world that lasts forever, Outokumpu contributes to a more sustainable world by producing stainless steel – a material with superior durability, longevity and recyclability.

Benefits of using stainless steel


  • Strength and formability
  • Corrosion-resistance by most food and beverages
  • Durable lifetime material solutions
  • Industry-leading tolerance accuracies


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance for optimal hygiene
  • No discoloration or flavor imparted to food and drink products
  • No chemical release into food and drink products
  • Grades work equally well in cold and heat


  • Strong technical expertise in production and material properties
  • Insights into appliance industry
  • Grade selection advice, lab and field testing
  • Competitive lead times, tailored services, global sales and service center network

Examples of use

Commercial kitchen
Food industry
Home appliances

Recommended products

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