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What makes stainless steel an unmatched material for bridges?

Stainless steel shines in bridge projects

Marked by harsh environments, heavy lifetime usage and high aesthetic expectations, bridges demand special considerations upfront if they're going to go the distance. Bridge projects are truly in a class of their own – just like Outokumpu stainless steel.

We hosted four one-hour webinars with first-class keynote speakers in the end of 2020. Watch our comprehensive webinar recordings where some of the world's leading bridge experts share their insights and in-depth knowledge.

Past webinars & events

The future belongs to sustainable bridges
Sustainability is a key consideration across all industries. But what exactly does it mean in the context of bridge design? One of the world’s top bridge designers, Ian Firth, and our Senior Vice President and CTO, Stefan Erdmann, offer different views on sustainability.
Ian Firth Keynote speaker – Independent structural engineering consultant
Stefan Erdmann Senior Vice President and CTO at Outokumpu
Economic drivers for selecting stainless steel
A stainless steel bridge has lower lifecycle costs than other materials. Do you know the economic drivers favoring stainless steel? Get insights from our guest speaker Stefan Uppenberg from WSP Group and our bridge expert Andy Backhouse.
Stefan Uppenberg Keynote speaker – Sustainability consultant at WSP Group
Andy Backhouse Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
How to design a stainless steel bridge
Stainless steel is a well-performing material for bridge designs. What are the key things to consider when building a stainless steel bridge? Our keynote speaker Nancy Baddoo from the Steel Construction Institute and our bridge expert Andy Backhouse share their thoughts.
Nancy Baddoo Keynote speaker – Associate Director at Steel Construction Institute (SCI)
Andy Backhouse Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
Pedestrian bridges of stainless steel
Stainless steel can offer various benefits for pedestrian bridges. What are the key drivers favoring the material? Our guest speaker Juan A. Sobrino from Pedelta and our bridge expert Andy Backhouse share their views.
Juan A. Sobrino Keynote speaker – PhD, ICCP, PE, Peng and ing., CEO at Pedelta
Andy Backhouse Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

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