How we are organized

Organization and management

Outokumpu has four business areas – Europe, the Americas, Ferrochrome and Long Products. Our business areas are organized so that Europe and the Americas include both coil and sheet stainless steel operations in their market area, while Ferrochrome and Long Products focus on these type of products. Our business areas are also our reporting segments, and they are represented in our management team. The Outokumpu Leadership Team also comprises heads of Finance, Human Resources and Technology & Sustainability.  

Our business areas


Europe is our biggest business area that covers about 60% of our sales and comprehensive product portfolio in commodity and specialty stainless steel grades for European, Middle-Eastern and African markets. We are clear market leader in Europe with 30% market share in cold-rolled stainless steel. We are known for our technical expertise and world-class mills in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.


Starting with one of the most technically-advanced stainless steel mills in the region, our team in the Mexico and US builds on Outokumpu's legacy of steel making, adding its own expertise and growing product portfolio in austenic and ferritic stainless steel. We are the second largets stainless steel producer in the US, with a market share of approximately 22%.


Outokumpu is the owner of the largest known chromite reserves in Europe: in our Kemi mine, we have the unique access to an essential raw material, as chrome is what makes steel stainless. Our Kemi mine and our ferrochrome production in Tornio, Finland, are an integral part of our operations and a clear competitive advantage to us. We consume majority of our ferrochrome internally at our own mills, and approximately 25% of the produced ferrochrome is sold externally.

Long Products

The product offering consists of a broad range of bars, wire rod, wire, rebar and semi-finished products in a broad range of tailored grades (100+) covering all stainless and some other alloys. Long Products operates in Sweden, the UK and US, and is currently ongoing a turnaround program. 

Our management and governance

Leadership Team

Outokumpu Leadership Team is responsible for the efficient management of the Group's operations. Meet our Leadership Team members. 

Board of Directors

The general objective of the Board of Directors is to direct Outokumpu’s business and strategies in a manner that secures a significant and sustained increase in the value of the company for its shareholders. Meet the members of our Board of Directors. 

Governance and policies

Outokumpu  is a public limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Finland. In our corporate governance and management, Outokumpu Oyj complies with Finnish legislation, the company's Articles of Association and the Corporate Governance Policy resolved and approved by our Board of Directors. Read more on our governance and check our policies. 

Updated on March 3, 2021.