Handbooks and guides

Our handbooks and guides help you get the most out of Outokumpu's stainless steel.

Welding Guide A brief guide to welding different stainless steels
Outokumpu’s welding knowledge guide serves as a useful introduction to the welding of stainless steels while also providing a greater understanding of this common fabrication method.
Buyer's guide Buy stainless steel sustainably
In this guidebook we discuss five principles that help you compare stainless steel providers on equal terms.
Machining guide Optimize machining of stainless steel
Outokumpu’s Machining guide explains the properties that influence machinability and provide guidance to help engineers and technicians optimize machining of stainless steel.
HANDBOOK Handbook of Stainless Steel
Outokumpu's Handbook of Stainless Steel is a comprehensive, basic introduction to stainless steel for engineers, designers and materials specifiers. The publication offers technical and objective knowledge about the world of stainless steel, introducing the reader to the different stainless steel grades, the properties of different types of stainless steels, their production and physical metallurgy, applications as well as fabrication techniques.