Pulp and paper

Stainless steel for pulp & paper

To produce something as simple as a sheet of paper, complex equipment is required – and all of it functions within corrosive environments. With long service life and low life-cycle cost, stainless steel is the obvious choice for this industry.

Benefits of using stainless steel in pulp & paper


  • Pulp towers
  • Chemical recovery liquor tanks 
  • Suction roll shells
  • Process water recirculation systems
  • Pressurized vessels


  • Products from the Forta, Ultra and Supra ranges for corrosion- and heat-resistance
  • Low-nickel, high-strength duplex stainless steel allows thickness reductions, generating cost savings
  • Tougher grades to counteract severe corrosion in cooking
  • High resistance in CI2 and CIO2 bleaching

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