Outokumpu is the global leader in stainless steel. The foundation of our business is our ability to tailor stainless steel into any form and for almost any purpose. 

Why invest in Outokumpu?

Global megatrends are supporting growing stainless steel demand. As a world leader in sustainable stainless steel production with world-class assets and solid presence in key regions, we have a strong position to capture our fair share of this growth.

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Vision and strategy

Outokumpu's new strategy is built on clear timebound initiatives and targets to competitively position itself for the future by strengthening its balance sheet in the shorter term and by de-risking the company for strong returns in the long run.

Responsible investment

Outokumpu is world leader in sustainable stainless steel production and we have ambitious targets to further reduce our carbon footprint. As material stainless steel is 100% recyclable and we use more than 90% recycled material in our stainless steel production.

Targets and outlook

Connected to our vision, we have published long-term financial targets that are expected to be reached by 2022. Defined measures of success include profitability as well as further deleveraging. Outokumpu gives quarterly guidance in its interim reports.

Operating environment

Stainless steel is the fastest growing metal: it is in many ways the perfect solution to the challenges the world is facing at the moment.

Active dialogue with markets

Outokumpu’s IR team provides on-time information about the business and financial development to the markets.

CEO's review

Outokumpu publishes CEO's review each quarter in connection with its interim report.


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