What is Responsible Steel?

ResponsibleSteel™ was launched to help steel producers answer the sustainability concerns of their customers. It is a member-based not-for-profit organisation, with membership* open to every stage of the steel supply chain.

Using an independent certification standard for both products and sites, the initiative enables producers to promote steel as the responsible material of choice.

* Membership categories: Business Organisations (incl. steelmakers, raw material suppliers and downstream users), Civil Society & Social/Environmental Organisations (organisations with social or environmental missions and trade unions), Associates (incl. governmental organisations, trade associations, standards bodies, conformity assessment bodies and academic institutions).

A Proud Member of Responsible Steel

  • Membership as part of Aperam’s strategic plan
    Aperam’s commitment to sustainability is ingrained in our values and fully aligned with our mission to produce endlessly recyclable products in a responsible manner. At Aperam, we are determined to be a sector leader in environmental excellence, recording the best carbon footprint of our industry and striving to adopt best practices in terms of ethics, governance, community engagement and corporate citizenship.

    “Joining this initiative corresponds to Aperam’s strategic move to promote and make corporate responsibility more widely recognised,” says Tim di Maulo, Aperam CEO. “That is why we were the first stainless steel industrialist to join ResponsibleSteel™.”

    Our membership also serves to help us further strengthen our sustainability framework. For example, we realised that we had to communicate more on biodiversity – and so we did on last Sustainability Report.

  • A new approach to assessment
    ResponsibleSteel™ is developing standards for both products and sites, and Aperam has been actively involved in the development of the site-specific standard released in November. The certification process will involve an independent and thorough review of policies and procedures, along with direct interviews with employees and external stakeholders.

    “This is a much more satisfactory assessment than a pure document-based approach, and one that should be all the more reassuring for the customer,” says Nicolas Changeur, Aperam CMO.

  • Benefiting everybody
    But it’s not just the end customer who will benefit from ResponsibleSteel.™ The local communities we operate in, our employees, and our suppliers all stand to benefit from the high sustainability standards this initiative sets taking into account the ideas shared by members that represent their interest.

    On the supplier side for instance, the RS standard cooperates with existing mining standards to assess if we can integrate their own specific grade to rate the suppliers, recognizing the efforts of the best operators without the need for questionnaires that offer no added value.
“The ResponsibleSteel™ label will play a prominent role in making the steel industry a true ally in building the sustainable and responsible society we strive to live in."
Timoteo Di Maulo